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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

First of all you have to check what kind of user you want to be on our platform, this is either a carer of pet services or a user who wants to book pet services.

To be a petcare services (advertiser) you need to fill in your profile correctly, with all the necessary information. Regarding the social networks associated to your profile, these are not mandatory to be filled in, however if they are, they must be placed in the url/link format.

After your details are complete start adding ads, you can find this function in your dashboard or in the top right corner of the platform.

Then you must choose what type of advertisement you want to make on the platform, namely between services that include pet feeding, sitting, taxi, grooming, training, walking, vete matching, or you want to advertise missing animals or for adoption.

Then just fill in the fields indicated according to your service information. If you do not wish to quote prices for your service it is not compulsory to fill in, however if you want the booking to be made through the platform do not forget to activate the booking form. The timetable is also optional, but it comes active by default, so if you don’t have a specific timetable you can always deactivate it.

After filling in all the necessary fields, simply submit your advertisement.

When the first advertisement is published, you can see its status in your advertisement list (my list), respectively in the active ones.

I would also add that you can edit or delete your ad whenever you want. With the advantage of being able to add in your advertisement the days that you are unavailable to provide the services, that is, if you have already filled the vacancies of your service.

Our platform besides having the possibility of having several ads associated with a single service provider has the advantage of being able to associate your social networks, websites (if any), your exact location and google reviews. All this helps you advertise your entire business on your communication platforms, which is advantageous for you and pet owners when they are looking for pet services.

The platform has a dashboard that allows you to manage bookings and view statistics of your adds, so it makes it easy to manage your business in one place.

Did you have the add completed when you need to fill in all the fields of our advert registration form.

However, many fields are not requireds, as we give the carer the freedom to complete them.

For your add have to as much information as possible, we suggest placing:

  • The Ad Title: according to the service and the location
  • Keywords: according to the characteristics of your service (ex: baths, grooming, taxi, pet walks, sitting, hotel, veterinary…)
  • Other features: select other features that are associated with your service
  • Location: put the exact address of your business, if you are registered with google put the address according to google in order to import your reviews.
  • Gallery: place at least 4 photos in order to show your photos at the top of the page, as well as to have more information about your service.
  • Description: put all the necessary information about your service.
  • Enter your information: mobile phone, website and e-mail
  • Social Networks: put the URL (whatsapp just the mobile number you have associated)
  • Schedule: comes active by default, so if you don’t have a schedule defined deactivate this option
  • Booking data: if you want to receive the booking through the platform, you must fill in all the necessary fields indicating the price of your service and essentially activate the booking form.

The verification of the service consists in checking that the data entered in our platform is correct, namely social networks, google reviews and contacts.

Service verification is essential mainly for safety reasons, but it also adds a contact form to the adverts, which allows the user to contact the carer more easily without necessarily having to make the booking.

The Adds can be changed as often as you need.

If you need to delete the ad you can also do it, but be aware that if you delete it you won’t be able to recover it.

Through your panel you can control your reservations.

In the reservations section you can set the reservation request as:

  • Pending (to be approved)
  • Approved (reservation accepted)
  • Cancelled (cancelled the booking request)
  • Expired (reservation time expired)

So the booking is only finalised when it is approved by you (carer)

Once you have published your advertisement, you can edit it as often as necessary.

Through the availability calendar you can put the days that you have or not availability. So when the guardian goes to make the booking, he can’t do it, because that information is already available.

Note: this calendar only works if you have filled in the booking details (prices, booking form,…)

First of all you have to check what kind of user you want to be on our platform, this is either a carer of pet services or a user who wants to book pet services.

To become a user you just need to register on our platform, and then you can start booking the services you need for your pet.

However you can add more information to your profile, through your user panel, by adding this information you will allow the caretaker (advertiser) to have more information about you.

To book pet services, you have several possibilities, namely:

  • Book directly for the days you need to benefit from the service if the carer has the booking form active.
  • If the service is verified, you can reply to the contact form to find out more information about the service and possibly book your service.
  • If you do not use the platform, you can always contact the carer directly, through your personal contacts (social media, mobile, email and website) if they have them available.

Our platform allows you to choose the right professional for your pet safely, quickly and easily by contacting them.

This way you only need to find the nearest service near you or the desired place to leave your pet, so you don’t leave your pet alone when you go on trips, emergency situations or daily routines.

The available carers on the platform are verified by our platform, if the ad is not verified, you can see that it is unverified.

Our community aims to unite all Pet Lovers, so we value the safety and love of your four-legged friend!

Family stays are referred to on our platform as Pet Hotel services.

These stays vary depending on the carer, so it is necessary to check all the characteristics of the service to know for sure if it is suitable for your pet.

On our platform you have several search possibilities to look for the service you need.

You can do so via our initial search bar, so you can find all available services directly, according to location, category and price.*

If you are looking for a specific category just select the type of service you want through the main menu or on the home page.

*Note: many of the ads have no price indicated, so we advise you not to put a price. 

The platform aims to create a bridge between service providers, professionals or individuals through advertisements. This platform works at a national level and aims to facilitate the pet owner’s search for a pet service.

For the carer it allows you to easily manage and advertise your service(s) through your dashboard.

To recover your password it is quite easy, just click on “lost password” when you go to enter our platform. Then put in your username and after that just set a new password.

To delete your account you need to contact us using one of the following methods:

  • Email: paulo.santos@puppyconnect.pet
  • Mobile: 965 774 379 (call to portuguese national number)
  • Online chat