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8 Pet Friendly Beaches in Portugal

8 Pet Friendly Beaches in Portugal

8 Pet Friendly Beaches in Portugal

With the arrival of summer and high temperatures, the desire for a trip to the beach and to cool off in the sea waters increases, especially in the company of your faithful four-legged friend. If you are thinking of taking your pet to the beach, here is a list of 8 beaches that allow the presence of dogs, where you can enjoy pleasant moments with your best friend.

  1. Porto da Areia Norte Beach – Peniche
  2. Coral Beach – Viana do Castelo
  3. Suave Mar Beach – Esposende
  4. Ramalha Sul Beach – Esposende
  5. Amoreiras Beach – Torres Vedras
  6. Pescadores Beach – Oeiras
  7. Furnas-Rio Beach – Odemira
  8. Brito Beach – Vila Nova de Gaia

Special note: When you go to a beach and if the prohibition of the permanence of dogs in the sand is indicated, the fine can reach 2500€. But there are exceptions, assistance dogs can frequent any beach without restriction. Assistance dogs are considered to be guide dogs assisting people with visual impairments, dogs trained to assist people with hearing impairments and service dogs assisting people with mental or motor impairments.

Although Pet Friendly beaches do not forget that there are rules to be followed before putting your paws on the beach, essentially rules of civility that should be taken into account so that the stay of dogs on the beach does not turn the leisure time of other bathers into a living hell.

  • The use of a collar or harness and leash is required
  • The collection of waste is obligatory
  • Always carry your Pet Identification Card or Pet Passport with you
  • No injured, sick or in heat animals are allowed.
  • In the case of dogs of potentially dangerous breeds, the use of a muzzle is compulsory, as well as a short leash attached to a collar or harness.

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